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Experience Matters

Areas of Practice

one-on-one quickbooks training

Do you need someone to teach your bookkeeper how to keep proper business records in QuickBooks? We offer one-on-one QuickBooks training to meet the needs of our clients. Some clients come to us with years of bookkeeping experience, and some have no prior bookkeeping experience. 

This service is especially useful to small business clients who have a small office staff. Their staff is able to call us when seeking answers to how something should be handled for bookkeeping. It also helps to have someone familiar with the way transactions are handled in QuickBooks when the client experiences office staff turnover. 

We teach your bookkeeper how to record checks and deposits, reconcile accounts, and prepare payroll checks. We offer this service at our office, at your office, or by screen sharing over the internet.

PeRsOnal income tax preparation

We are in the office year round to provide income tax preparation services to our clients. We professionally and accurately prepare federal income tax returns, state income tax returns and local income tax returns.

Our goal is to provide our tax preparation services in a timely and affordable fashion maximizing your refund while minimizing your overall tax liability.

We are located in Mogadore and serve the Greater Akron and surrounding areas including Tallmadge and Cuyahoga Falls, and Canton.

accounting & bookkeeping

Did you start a business and not think about the fact that someone was going to have to handle the paperwork for tax returns? Some clients don’t have staff to perform bookkeeping services and don’t have the desire to keep the books themselves. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual bookkeeping services based on the clients needs. 

Clients send us check stubs and bank statements, and we prepare bookkeeping from the client’s records. We can run payroll for clients or use third party payroll reports for bookkeeping purposes.

If you prefer to run your business without having to handle the paperwork end of it, we're happy to help. As part of our bookkeeping services, we offer to handle sales tax returns, payroll tax deposits and preparation of payroll tax returns. We completely tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients.

payroll taxes and income tax returns

We have worked with many small business owners who would rather spend their time focusing on what they do best and leave the tax returns to us. We prepare income tax returns for C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and sole proprietors. 

Some clients use a payroll service to prepare their employee payroll checks and quarterly payroll tax returns while others prepare payroll checks in-house and have us prepare quarterly payroll tax reports and W-2s at year-end. We cater to the client's needs.

PRior years tax returns

Haven’t filed your personal tax return for several years? Need to catch up on business and payroll tax return filings for many years? Is the IRS contacting you to file these returns? Not a problem! We are able to assist you with preparing your prior years returns to get your filing up to date. 

Interestingly, IRS generally only asks for the last six years returns to be filed so if you have ten years of unfilled returns, you may only need to go back six years for filing.

No records? This is also not a problem in most cases. If you only had wage or retirement income, we can pull your transcripts with IRS and get most of the information we need for preparing your income taxes within a couple of days. If you have a small business, we will need additional information from you before we can prepare your income tax returns.

irs tax problem resolution

Is IRS trying to collect taxes that you owe? Or taxes you don't really owe at all? Have they levied your bank account or your wages? Call us to help resolve the problem. We can help you determine the amount you actually owe.

Once your balance due is correctly established, a monthly payment arrangement with IRS to full-pay or partially pay the debt may be possible. Sometimes, IRS just needs to agree the taxpayer cannot afford to make payments.